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2013 was an amazing year for us, we turned the BIG 50 and decided to go to Italy to visit family and friends.  Little did we know that Italy would change our lives the way it did.

Mario wouldn’t eat ice cream in the States because it would upset his stomach.    A few days into our trip Mario asked to try my gelato (I was a little concerned) but I let him try it.  After a few days of sharing my delicious gelato with him we started noticing that Mario could eat gelato without getting an upset stomach.   I was ecstatic because I now don’t have to share he can get his own!  Life is great.

Our trip now took on a new direction everything centered around gelato.  His Cousin Illaria was a professional Gelato connoisseur.  Illaria knew what gelato shops to take us to and which ones we had to stay away from, it was on.  What an awesome experience we didn’t want the trip to end.  Mario looked at me before we left Italy and told me that we were going to open up a gelato shop when we got home.  I said like any wife would “sure sweetie”.   Not really taking him serious.

Mario has since mastered the art of crafting his own gelato just like we had in Italy.  Here we are now in the most amazing little Gelato shop.    Yes our lives have changed for the best and now we are sharing our new found passion with our Family and Friends.   Thank You Italy.